Biodiesel as a Boiler Fuel

Over the past few years, biodiesel has gained popularity for it’s use as an alternative fuel in home heating oil and boilers.   In North QuickShot 2012.11.09 at 11.34.53Carolina, biodiesel has received interest from off-road farm, quarry, and industrial boiler customers because of biodiesel’s reduced particulate content and reduced sulfur.

Some customers just want a cleaner burning fuel (or fuel blend, some customers are blending biodiesel with regular off-road diesel, still lowering emissions), other customers are being required by the EPA, DENR, internal environmental policies, or even OSHA.

Regardless, biodiesel has been shown to be highly compatible with existing offroad equipment and stationary burners, and has proven to significantly reduce sulfur, ash, soot, and carbon monoxide output from these systems.

What’s better, is that most biodiesel made in North Carolina is either from locally grown soybeans or from used cooking oil, recycled into a clean burning, domestically produced diesel fuel alternative.

What Happens to My Used Cooking OIl